Zed Time!

KF2 – Survival Server

In the mood for shooting up some Zeds? Then you’ve come to the right place!
Feel free to join our server at any time to unleash hell on these vile creatures.

Paste the following URL in your browser:

Or add the following server manually to your server list:

7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die – Survival Server

7 Days, this is what you get until the horde will devour you.
Can you build or run fast enough to evade these vile creatures?

Join our 7 Days To Die server to start your zombie survival adventure.

In order to join, paste the following URL into your browser:

Or add the following server manually to your server list:

ARK Survival Evolved

PvE Community Server

Back to the basics! Start out on an unknown world with only your fists at your disposal.
Are you able to overcome the challenges of the ARK?
This server is PvE only, so no midnight calls to arms to save your base from being plundered to scraps.

To access the server, paste the following URL in your browser:


GTW Community Server on PaperMC / Spigot

A timeless game designed to unleash your full creative potential!
Or just a way of relaxation by smacking some zombies in the face.
Just whatever you desire.

Connect to our community server by entering the following address:

Join our community!

Fast paced shooters, RTS, RPG, it is all in the house! Feel free to join at anytime!

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