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Community Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to our Community! In order to keep our community nice and peaceful, we’ve established some rules. These rules apply at our website, but also in our Discord and community servers which are managed by our staff members. Staffmembers are always recognizable by the [GTW]-tag ingame.

Community Rules

  1. Be respectful

This means no mean, rude, or harassing comments. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  1. No inappropriate language, offensive names or offensive profile pictures

Use of profanity should be kept to a reasonable minimum. Keep your names and profile picture appropriate.

  1. No spamming

This rule applies in all our servers / Discord channels. Do not send a lot messages right after each other. These disrupt chat and make it hard to scroll through the server. Please keep your messages at least 5 words long while chatting.

  1. No pornographic/adult/other NSFW material

This rule is self-explanatory.

  1. No advertisements without explicit consent

Advertisements are only allowed with explicit permission from one of our staff members. Any other form of advertising is strictly forbidden.

  1. The Dutch Law applies to this server.

Anything forbidden by the Dutch Law, is also forbidden here. Also the AVG / GDPR is applicable, check our Privacy Policy here.

  1. Don’t share personal information or other privacy sensitive information

Do not share your personal information or the personal information of other users without their consent. This includes phone numbers, addresses, and any other sensitive information.

  1. No impersonation of staff members

Pretending to be staff member will result in a permanent ban.

  1. Avoid false or misleading information

Make sure to fact-check any information that you share and only share reliable sources.

  1. No cheating in any way is allowed.

Any game modification that gives you an unfair advantage over other players will result in a permanent ban, which is irreversable. This applies for every server which of our community. Cheaters are not welcome here.

  1. Never argue about a staff decision.

Staff decisions are always considered carefully. Never discuss these in open chat. If you feel unheared, please create a ticket at our Discord channel.

  1. Use common sense

If something is missing, please let us know in our Discord under ‘suggestions’.

Discord Rules

  1. No Server Raiding

Server raiding is against the Discord terms of service. Any attempt to circumvent or bypass them can result in a permanent ban.

  1. Follow the Discord Guidelines

Since we’re using Discord, we also follow their rules and guidelines.

  1. No DM’ing of staff members.

Use the ticketing system in this server instead. Our staff will not respond to questions posed in our DM.

Our staff will Mute/Kick/Ban per discretion. If you feel mistreated create a ticket in our Discord server and we will resolve the issue.


  1. In case of giveaways, the redeeming process is entirely your own responsibility. Codes will be distributed discretely to the corresponding winners. Do not share them with anyone!

Do not share codes with anyone, we are not responsible for codes lost because someone else read it on your screen. Giveaway codes that we provide are always working and obtained from trustworthy sources.

  1. Additional rules may be set by our staff team for events. Read them carefully to avoid disappointments!

Some of our events have rules depending on the event in question. If these were not followed, you may miss out on prices. Take your time to read the rules properly.

  1. Staff may exclude members from future events when rules are violated.

If any of the previous rules were broken during an event, you may be excluded from events.

Server Specific Rules / Guidelines / Code of Conduct

Currently, there are no game related rules listed. They will be in the future!

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